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Dames and Dicks on the Big Screen

Does it get any better than that?

And before any overly-zealous censors start affixing their asterisks to my "d*cks", please realize I'm not talking about any old "d*cks" here. No, I'm talking about that particular breed of private detective who graces the pages of Chandler and Hammett and who lives and dies in a blaze of celluloid glory on the big screens of yore.  

Not that I'm here to talk about the past. No. Nor am I here to talk about any old big screen. No, I'm here to talk about the mother of all big-screen-black-n-frickin'-white palaces. I'm here to urge you to head on over to the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, California. That's right. The Castro Theatre, where right now you can kneel at the ultimate altar of Noir ... the annual Noir City film festival ... and there's nothing like it.

If you like your movies like you like your dames and dicks, hardboiled, then swing on over to the Castro. This year's theme is Newspaper Noir, and as always the Noir City organizers are putting on an amazing show.