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I recently started posting my short-short stories on a site called www.tenminutestories.com. I plan on adding a new story every two weeks or so. Here's one called "The Secret of True Happiness™" ...     The Secret of True Happiness™ Jim had never seen anything like it. The crate was...
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The internet gave me quite a shock this morning. I was bopping around on some of my favorite pages and landed on the official Mose Allison website. I hadn’t been there in a while and was surprised to find the following note:    “After 65 years of touring Mose Allison has retired from live...
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Kidney stones. They’ve been on my mind lately. Or to be more accurate, they’ve been lodged halfway down my ureter, which, if you’ve never experienced such a thing, is kind of like being sucker-punched in the lower back and kicked in the balls, both at the same time. On the plus side, my six-...
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George and I met at San Francisco State University in the late 1980s. He was the literature professor, a man with a great wealth of knowledge who taught everything from tales of Science Fiction and Fantasy to Detective stories, from the Bible as Literature to The Lord of the Rings. And medieval...
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San Francisco, CA -- After operating for ten years on Potrero Hill’s north slope, In-Symmetry day spa was forced to shut down 2010 and eventually had to relocate. Little did In-Symmetry owner Candace Combs know at the time, but she had embarked on a tumultuous ride to keep her small business...
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Yagi CD Cover
Singer/songwriter and Potrero Hill resident Curt Yagi has been hard at work on a new CD, Close My Eyes.  Driven by Yagi’s distinctive vocals and rhythmic guitar playing, the songs on the CD feature an array of amazing Bay Area musicians known as The People Standing Behind Me. Be on the lookout for...
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In 2005, I threw down my credit card for the trip of a lifetime to a place called Svalbard. It's a land of ice and snow, and polar bears. I finally got around to writing a short article about the trip and am happy to report it was picked up here. Go here for more photos....
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Getting stuck with sharp objects might not be anyone’s idea of a good time, but Anne Angelone is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist who knows how to put her needles to good use.  Angelone owns Expanding Qi – pronounced “chi” – a Potrero Hill practice that specializes in restoring optimal health...
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I recently went to Rome for three weeks.   I spent most of the time in an area called Trastevere. And the longer I was there, the more I began to hear things. Not hear things as in hallucinate, but hear things as in I really began to absorb and appreciate...
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Earliest Memory. I remember an action figure. Major Matt Mason. An astronaut. Like G.I. Joe but better.  As I remember it, my Major Matt Mason wore an orange spacesuit and had a white helmet. I recall moving the visor up and down on that helmet, though I don’t know if I really did that....
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Hey Chaucer.  Can I call you Geoff? I know it’s going to be hard for you to understand my letter. This is 2010 after all, and our language is quite a bit different from when you wrote in what we refer to as the Middle Ages.    Anyway, I hope you’re doing well on...
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Nigel works the counter at Blooms Saloon on Potrero HIll in San Francisco. He wouldn’t tell me why he only goes by one name, but a little mystery is always good in a bartender. Nigel is everything you want in a neighborhood barman. He blends stiff concoctions with sparse yet witty and intelligent...
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Sometimes you meet a person who is perfectly suited to their job. Potrero Hill resident Geoff Luttrell, the owner of SF Guitarworks on Potrero Avenue, is one of those people. When it comes to repairing guitars, Geoff has the skill of a master craftsman and the passion to match. He and his team take...
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L&B Painting.jpg
This interview was originally printed in the February 2010 edition of The Potrero View.  It isn’t easy to make a living as an artist. Yet, long-time Potrero Hill residents Les Seymour and Brenda Cole Seymour have found the ideal niche for doing exactly what they love—making a living by making art....
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My interview with photographer Henrik Kam appears in this month's edition of the Potrero View Newspaper. I've attached a scan of the story with two photos.   Henrik Kam’s work behind the lens has taken him to many fascinating locations around the world. Yet, this long-time Potrero Hill resident...
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