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The most important question

I recently read a comparison between religion and Christianity which concluded with this: Religion is good versus bad, but Christianity is repentant versus unrepentant.

That is a profound statement.

The essence is that we are all bad, yet some of us our better off.

Not "better." We're not to be more highly exalted, and we certainly should not be proud. 

We should be grateful to the point that we want to bring others along.

None of us, not liberal nor conservative, not Republican nor Democrat, not gay nor straight, not rich nor poor is better -- we're all bad. We all have inside us the capacity to commit any sin that has been done by anyone in history.

But I want to focus for a moment on what I see as the most dangerous sin: Distancing ourselves from God. We do it in many ways. We don't pray, we don't read His Bible, we don't attend church. Or we try to say sin is no longer sin, and become so accustomed to that message that we actually begin to believe it. We are voluntarily blinding ourselves -- we are the ones who will not see.

Those of us who admit to being murderers, rapists, liars, cheats, haters, robbers, etc. are the ones who are more likely to do something about it because God has given us a standard, and we who are aware of it don't like how we compare.

And we'll want to change.

But if we try to make ourselves believe that the standard is not there, then we fail to improve ourselves. We lie to ourselves.

So when I try to point out that people live in sin, I should not try to state that I am better. But it is true that I am in a better position. In fact, you don't even have to be a Christian yet to be better off. So long as you have breath in you, you know you have time to change, to accept Jesus' death on the cross. And you are more likely to do so.

All of the sins bottled up inside us -- we by admitting they are there are more aware when they want to come out, and we can, through practice, fight them back. We may succeed at first and forever succeed in fighting it back. We may fail at first but later succeed. We may fail more than we succeed. We may fail every time. 

But if we fail and repent and ask God for forgiveness, He promises to forgive those who have accepted Jesus' death in their place. We don't have to die and then go to hell. We can go to heaven instead. 

Whomever reads this post needs to consider not whether they are good or bad. I can answer that. You're bad, just like me.

Consider whether you are going to repent, or not. It is the most important question we all must consider.