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Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered their copy of YOU'RE NEXT. We hope you enjoy the book.


For those of you who haven't yet, you only have a week to submit your entries into the pre-order contest. Enter for a chance to win 10 signed, personalized first-edition hardcovers! To enter, simply pre-order the book from one of these vendors:


Amazon (use the link at right)

Barnes & Noble 



Send your proof of purchase to info@kayepublicity.com. All entries must be received by June 24th and the winner will be announced on June 27th.



David Baldacci reviews YOU'RE NEXT

If 10 signed, first-editions isn't enough incentive, David Baldacci, New York Times bestselling author of ONE SUMMER, reviewed YOU'RE NEXT for Amazon.com. He writes:

I'm no stranger to Gregg Hurwitz's work. I tore through Trust No One like a meth addict on a binge. The guy does his best work, I think, when he takes a murky past and slams it in the face of his protagonist decades later. You're Next is right in this wheelhouse. The Prologue is pure adrenaline, heart-wrenching and starts the novel off on a terrific trajectory. A little boy wakes up and over the course of a few pages he is abandoned by his father. The reader takes an emotional arrow right in the heart. Right away we want to know more about the kid and what became of him. Lots of questions unanswered. But you know with Hurwitz that while the questions eventually will be answered, they won't be in ways the reader can easily predict.

Read the full review here.