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Middleville, MIchigan
Mar 2010

I grew up in Lansing and worked in my father’s construction business while completing my degrees in Social Science and Masters of Labor and Industrial Relations at Michigan State University. My wife and I moved to Gun Lake when our first daughter was born, 23 years ago. We owned the local hardware store on Gun Lake, and began our own construction company, building seawalls, and selling docks and boat hoists there.


In 2003, I was inspired (by God, I believe) to do something different with my life and my family – to sail around the world. What was supposed to take two years, ended up lasting 4 ½ years. We returned to Michigan in May of 2008. I am currently promoting my book, Sailing Faith: The Long Way Home.


John Steinbeck Robert Persig Farley Mowat Dave Berry

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