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Greg Hoffman's Biography

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San Mateo, CA
Jan 2008

In August 1964, a few months after Greg Hoffman graduated from high school in Denver, he came to California where he had the great and good fortune to end up settling just down the road from Ken Kesey's La Honda headquarters deep in the hiils above Stanford University. Consequently, he became an early and keen observer of the just-emerging "San Francisco Scene." Exactly 40 years later, Chet Helms, "The Father of the Summer of Love," whom he had never met, asked Greg to help him write his autobiography. A few months later, Chet passed away and Greg went from Chet's collaborator to his biographer. The book is still in progress.

During the intervening four decades Greg contributed domestic one-liners to Phyllis Diller, wrote numerous magazine pieces and authored or co-authored five books, including two with Billie Jean King, one of which was illustrated by Charles M. Schulz.

When a sports-themed piece from his short story collection, "A Hallelujah Jamboree: The Sister Mary Mummy Stories," was reprinted in the sports section of The New York Times on July 4, 1976, Greg was informed that it was the first time a piece of fiction had appeared in the sports pages of that paper.

He is currently involved in a deep and meaningful relationship with his PC and several boxes crammed with research materials.

Upcoming Works

"A Perfect Hippie: The Times and Life of Chet Helms"

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Painting, golf, fly-fishing