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"Cleaning House"



i moved to Cali with a carload of stuff

and i've got a hankering to move away

with a smaller carload of stuff.

i like to pull out all my stuff sometimes

and go through, pare down, give away,

toss, re-read, burn...and still, I keep

having stuff.

morning sadhana's like that, everyday,

sometimes the stuff has rat crap on it

from being in a corner of the basement,

or brings up crap from a relationship,

or reminds me of the fact

that if I cleanse, I gotta keep

that agni burning bright

or my crap will get backed up.

As I breath in kundalini kriyas,

I chant the mantra, Sat Nam

'truth is my identity'   magnifying,

magnetizing to all the places

and times within that don't practice

that belief,

and I clean house

~my body temple~


rising early before dreams

Sometimes the chatter of thoughts

is a blazing rainstorm

sometimes i'd like to fall back asleep,

when it's tough, I know it's working,

and I keep practicing...

ong namo, guru dev namo

I recognize, call upon divinity

within, the guru, the healer within

~sat nam ~ truth is my identity



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Living in the smallest house of my life, I'm forced constantly to pare, prune, cut.  Why do I keep buying Wal-Mart giant tubs to stuff under the house or in Lloyd's barn loft or Terri's basement or Paul and Cynthia's attic?  Once it's all stuffed and out of sight, it might as well be gone.  I won't think of it again until I happen upon the tub and go through it, marvelling.  And at 63, just how much STUFF does a person need!

 My lovely daughter is teaching me how to pare, prune, cut----and let go.  When you can carry all you need on your back or in your trunk, you're pretty darn free.  A cleansing worth working toward.  When it's tough, I know it's working---and I'll try to keep practicing ...   Sat Nam will, hopefully, begin to follow.

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to marvel

Mom, thanks for your perpetual curiosity and wide-eyed exhuberance about LIFE!

And thank you for reading me stories every night before bedtime....til i was what...19?  :)  

 I love you