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How do you stay so young?
Actress Terry Moore

A very common remark I always hear whenever people celebrate birthdays is this: “I’m getting older.” More often than not, many people are not too happy with it.I still don’t get why many worry about getting old. After all, aging is inevitable and everyone goes through it. (Unless you have a similar serious case as that of Benjamin Button’s)

I think an important thing to keep in mind is that you can never escape aging, you only have to embrace it. It’s only a matter of loving and living the kind of life you have to the fullest.

A lot of people are so much concerned about aging that they go through all means  imaginable, if only to look and stay young.  This is especially true for models, Hollywood celebrities, many of whom resort to cosmetic surgery all in the name of youthfulness.

Age is but a state of mind. It’s no use slathering on anti-aging creams or going through invasive cosmetic procedures to look young if you just sit back and watch life pass you by.

Here’s something I found interesting while browsing for books online. I didn’t know actress Terry Moore wrote a self-published book with a title that only a few people get asked about – How Do You Stay So Young? What’s even more interesting is that she doesn’t look her age. In fact, she looks way younger. Make a guess.

 Really, how does she stay so young?My admiration for Terry Moore grows because she is a living proof of a woman – a person who truly loves and lives life. She is not just a highly-respectable actress, she is also an accomplished and inspiring published book author too.

Lest you didn’t know, she’s turning 80.