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Cover Letter to MPs

Date: November 19, 2009 (7:00 GMT)


Honorable Members of the Bhutanese Parliament,  

Tashichho Dzong,

Thimphu Bhutan.


On behalf of the Bhutanese people in general, we take this privilege to draw your concern and positive intervention to some of the glaring issues facing our nation today.


It has been a painful experience seeing our country getting derailed both politically and economically. The government’s mute response to the oncoming voices from exile for a dignified return of the exiled citizens, a year after democracy has been promulgated is matter of concern. The refugee issue not only remains unsettled but it is fast becoming a nest of conspirators who want to exploit Bhutan or the refugees themselves. Democracy, which was touted to be the cure for much of Bhutan’s existing problems, is still not inclusive and is ineffective. The disenfranchisement of thousands of people in the south in the first ever national elections held last year illustrates that democracy has not come for the people.


Development continues to trend only within the valley surrounding the capital. The regional development divide is starkly growing. Bhutan is a country of villages. Ironically, most of these villages and the village folks still have not benefited from ‘democracy.’ Just holding ‘elections’ is not ‘democracy’. In its true meaning ‘democracy’ must materialize into a true devolution of power to the grass roots.


Bhutan has some unsettled border issues with its neighbor in the north. This festering problem has already started sending mixed feelings among the citizens about the ability of the government to resolve it to our interest.


Sure enough, the government has lost rack of many issues that are crucial and need to be attended with a larger sense of urgency. The sovereign parliament is a different organ of the government and as such it is the duty of this august body to intervene and act as the guiding light to the executive branch if it is deemed necessary. As elected peoples’ representatives of an elected Parliament, the Bhutanese people trust you to deliver results from the halls of the Parliament. The onus of sailing the nation on a smooth path depends on your watchful eyes and rightful actions. Today, you stand in a position from where you can make a real difference in the life of our country and the Bhutanese citizens.  


This letter is a symbol of our support and encouragement to you to take up actions that would restore pride among the Bhutanese citizens and lift country back to glory.


We look forward to hearing your voices in the parliament in support of the people in exile as well as inside the country.


Best of luck.



On behalf of the concerned citizenry of Bhutan,


Govinda Rizal

Kyoto Uji Okubo Asakura 50-1, Nishi Okubo 22-204

Postal code 611-0033, Kyoto Japan

Ph: 0081 (0)80 3812 9610