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The Colony
Jan 2008

Spec fic author with five young adult novels released to the wild as well as a handful of shortstories in anthologies. 

My aim in life is to live, imagine, and entertain.

A voracious reader, I only work to feed my reading habit and squeeze some writing in between.


Everything that I see, hear, or feel. Also a lot of other great authors. My imagination soared and eventually demanded outlets of its own after years of reading authors like Edgar Rice Burroughs, Alan Dean Foster, Isaac Asimov, Stephen King, Piers Anthony, Barbara Hambly, and others.

Upcoming Works

Currently shopping around for an agent for my new Urban Fantasy called Inner Demons. Working on a SF novel at the moment.

Recommended Links


Zumaya Publications (novels) Hard Shell Word Factory (novels) Mundania (novels) Yard Dog Press (Anthologies) Harp Haven Press (Anthology)

Interests & Hobbies

Reading, writing, MMO's, movies, BGM's, TV, all things Sci-Fi and Fantasy, anime, manga