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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I am happy about a lot of things, but as to why our feelings fluctuate is another story. Why don't we stay happy for long, what makes us restless, we have the things we need at times, but it seems that in striving for the things we truly want. That make us thankfull that we are determined, and can change our circumstances. It is not easy but we can accomplish many things unbeknowst to the way in which we can ask our selves what our goals are. Are they supported goals, can they be accomplished, or are they disillusions? There are many ways in which we can be falsely happy, living in dream world, that no one truly participates in, eating our way through boredom, feeling restless and fearfull. Those are debillitating ways in which we are not being good patrons and slow down the progression of our own sense of will.

It is necessary to be appreciative of even small accomplishements, going back to school, getting a part time job if unemployed, finding new ways to help society and showing young people how to give back. In small things there are great happiness. I continue to find support in noticing laws that change to help people addapt to new situations, people find ways in creating a safe haven when times are not as pleasant. There are a 100 little things we can do everyday, that help people feel a sense of care, and that we are all in this together. There is a song that has those lyrics, and I always feel a surge of what ever is not right, right now can be corrected.

I know that when people act in each others best interest things happen. Nothing is by accident, nothing is by itself, it is by our own self knowledge that we can learn to balance our energy and learn to not have contempt for the things that we feel are not too smart. Tolearance and understanding are necessary to help people that are not quite sure of what their roles are. People also need reassurance that people truly do care and get their plight, happiness is not an everyday event. There are many people that are in less than desireable circumstances, unable to pay bills, not be happy with their spouse, their children, or job or lack of a job as well.

So in the idea of being happy, the ideal source of happiness also connects to wellness, after all the holiday hoopla not to mention the added holiday pounds that have made their presence known on the mid-section, the cold. It is also ideal to sit motionless and watch some happy movies that seem to make their appearances around the holiday time. Classic holiday movies are "It's a Wonderfull Life", there are too many to mention that give a sense of joy to the holiday season. My personal favorite fantasy is that I have good friends and they make great cookies, that we give to each other, then have plenty of money to buy fantastic gifts. Gifts like good perfume, pretty stuff that makes women feel special, bubble bath, manicures, and roses for the table. It is such a blessing to have the comfort of knowing that we can share comfort and joy.

There are wonderful ways in which to make those fantasys come true, you can go to a Target, go to a Bed Bath and Beyond, J.C. Pennys, and buy inexpensive bath oils, even CVS comes to mind and knock your self out. Sip some coffee out at a local Dunkin Donughts, and have fun filled time with friends or family, who ever chooses to enjoy your coampany and time. Those are the special times that friends share, family also has ways in which to have special times, that don't have to cost a lot of money. It is the sense that those that share the bonds that are considered special and significant are not replaced, and are only there in the family that is present. Those are the memories that we gather in our hearts and hear in our minds, thus making them special.