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License Plates.

I think padiddle is the best car game. Hands down. It's basically basketball except you don't have to run. The back and forth, the breakneck pace, it's pure fire. The next best car game, is one that just got a whole lot harder. 

When you drive across the country with the most competitive person you know, one car game is never enough. The license plate game was the only other game we had patience to play. In New England it was easy. Driving in the beginning of the summer saw everyone and their grandmother drive up 95 North into the heart of Vacationland. At the end of the first day I was down 10-8. 

Somewhere between Colorado and Kansas I thought I threw on the most disgusting grin a person could ever wear. I was sitting in the passenger seat, looked over, and saw a yellow license plate.  The crown jewel. Alaska. 

Two days later, my friend got Alaska too. I forgot that a family from Homer moved to the Island I live on and drive around a lot. Damn. He beat me 50-48. I know, we both got Hawaii. Amazing, right? Thank you Grand Canyon. I didn't get Vermont, and apparently I forgot to say Nevada. We drove through Nevada. I go to school in Vermont. I was slightly upset. 

The other day I was driving through town and saw a yellow license plate that clearly wasn't the family that lived here. Confidently and arrogantly I yelled "'Laska!" and beat the shit out of my car's roof, claiming the point. 

And then the car got closer.

Damn you, New York. The license plate game lost it's instant win.