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Glenn Borchardt's Books

Universal Cycle Theory: Neomechanics of the Hierarchically Infinite Universe
There are only two elements that make the Universal Cycle Theory radical - cycles and infinity. Other than that, much of what you read in the book will seem familiar and conventional. The book focuses on these key elements in the following ways.  Cycles are crucial because they explain how matter moves. Motions develop because of two types of cycles - vortices and waves. A...
The Scientific Worldview
The Scientific Worldview presents a balanced theoretical perspective that has profound implications for the social and physical sciences. Author Glenn Borchardt outlines the philosophical alternatives and those necessary for consistent scientific thinking. The balanced outlook requires beginning assumptions alien to classical mechanism and modern systems philosophy. The central...
The Ten Assumptions of Science
The Ten Assumptions of Science presents the logically coherent set of assumptions destined to define 21st century scientific philosophy. Glenn Borchardt first explains why assumptions and not absolutes are necessary for scientific thinking. By exploring the opposition between deterministic and indeterministic views, he clearly shows how critical choices among underlying assumptions...