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Once a wife, now a widow. In my mid-40s, with two young children to raise, I was abruptly a woman with a broken heart, and a broken life. How do we measure loss? Against the size of the hole left in the heart, the space in the bed, the mail that comes to the house addressed to someone who...
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Author Glenda Burgess
There are so MANY things I would do differently publishing for the first time. To begin with, really do your homework (or make sure your agent has) regarding the publishing house you are about to sign with, and whether this publisher supports and succeeds with your style of writing and market. A...
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Now in paperback! August 4, 2009!
Hi all!  Celebrate with me the upcoming August 4, 2009 paperback release of THE GEOGRAPHY OF LOVE. I am happy to share with you my critically acclaimed memoir - now in softcover! Perfect for gifts, beach travel, book clubs, airplanes, suitcases and cabins...you know where you like to escape with a...
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Hi everyone, I've had the pleasure with my latest book THE GEOGRAPHY OF LOVE of meeting people who live thousands of miles from where I live in Washington State. The magic of technology takes us straight into one another's living rooms.  This week is the amazing readers of "Read It and Weep...
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THE GEOGRAPHY OF LOVE, a memoir by Glenda Burgess
This past week over Labor Day weekend, the famous Maui Writers Conference "hit the road" to Honolulu. For the first time ever not on its home island of Maui, the conference opened its doors to the wider writing and reading community of Oahu this year. Attendance was tremendous - full of...
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My friends and fellow readers and authors - Has reading THE GEOGRAPHY OF LOVE struck a chord in thinking about your own interior landscape and experience with life and fate?  Would you have run or stayed at the table in the light of that first conversation with "Montrachet Guy" at Lake...
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THE GEOGRAPHY OF LOVE, a memoir by Glenda Burgess
AUGUST 5th...  Hello My Friends! Toast your tea cup, lift a latte, uncork that vintage red... THE GEOGRAPHY OF LOVE goes on sale today!  Thank you for supporting my work, championing this book, and making every step of the process so meaningful. You're the best! warmly, Glenda
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Yesterday I went into our little independent bookstore to find Ken Kesey's ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST.  I searched in vain through fiction, finally redirected to the Classics section.  Ken Kesey, a writer of a not-so-past generation, is now a classic?  So what makes a classic a classic?  ...
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Tree at Ghost Ranch, Abiquii, New Mexico
As I read the latest reviews in the NYT Book review, I am struck by the degree to which fewer and fewer of us read for serious purposes outside of entertainment in fiction.  It used to be the kind of winnowing, soul-searching, adventure and mental stimulation now associated with today's readers of...
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