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RoomsBy James RubartB&H Publishing GroupISBN: 9780805449785405 Pages (Galley) DUE OUT IN APRIL - YOU CAN PRE-ORDER THOUGH... Wow... Really...Wow! James Rubart hooked me immediately in his fascinating, awesome novel, Rooms! Micah Taylor is an energetic, innovative leader of a software company at which he has hired many creative staff. The company has not only...
Cynthia Surrounded in Australia!
Waltzing Australia By Cynthia ClampittBookSurge ISBN: 1419663062497 Pages “As I sped over the soft earth, the wind in my face, the colors crowding in around me, I felt fleeter and freer than I can ever remember. Such is the liberating quality of joy.” You could read Waltzing Australia by Cynthia Clampitt and thoroughly enjoy a great travel book. This highly...