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Short Story
He. His thoughts were carefully controlled by concealed cameras, and everyone and everything had to fit into place, as in a masterpiece. His task was to detect those hidden eyes: beyond their range, indeed, there were dead angles. And in his depths. His life was weirdly lighted, its strangeness was always novel. No fill lights were permitted, which would have...
Short Story
My Lady of Angels,   You know that refrains and repetitions are the essence of narrative and poetry. Refrains and repetitions need remembrance, and that is why in the lines that will follow you are not going to recognize your single self, and see clearly through the eyes of your past that you have partly lost and you will lose again. Yet, here you...
Short Story
L’Invitation au Voyage (The Stage Design of Transience, 1982)   The curtain is ajar on an expectant stage: it rises to your relief, and you are invited to a Voyage by five lingering songs. Four columns of sallow gold support the nebulous belly of the whale, while shadowy silhouettes are titillating you with ballet steps. Since you cannot guess the colours of...