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Black History Month a Smashing Success

In recognition of Black History Month, it's been my pleasure to solicit articles for AOL's Black Voices and for Red Room from authors, each of whom has a unique and important take on the celebration. From actor and author Michael Boatman's witty and wise take on black stereotypes to April Sinclair's masterful comparison of black life during her childhood and today, Red Room authors offered brilliant, varied points of view. Please check them all out here.

Of course, Black History Month is just one month out of the year (the shortest, as more than one observer has written). These writers, and many, many more black voices, contribute fantastic, diverse blogs, articles, poems, and more every day of the year here on Red Room. I hope you'll enjoy exploring them all as much as I have.  

Next up: Women's History Month! Stay tuned to Red Room for the best writing on every topic under the sun, all year round.