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Often authors ask me what makes a really great book excerpt. My best singular piece of advice is that you want a unique page-turner.  Although the tendency is to select the low-hanging fruit of the book's introduction or first chapter, readers are more intrigued by entering a scene. In my...
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Over the past year I’ve had many fellow authors ask me about book promotion and marketing strategies—specifically what they can do on Red Room to maximize their marketing efforts and sell more books.  I first got to know Red Room when I joined as a founding author. I know that most of you...
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I’m on the Red Room team, and I’m also an author. So the Red Room Royalties and Relationships program we’re rolling out today not only benefits me because its helps us serve you, it also benefits me as an author. The programs offer value to every type of author—in every type of publishing situation...
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To celebrate Father's Day, June 19th, Red Room asked several of its authors to write about their dads, their own experiences as fathers, or other memorable stories about fatherhood. It's been my pleasure to shepherd these articles to AOL's ParentDish and MyDaily channels, or to feature...
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To celebrate Mother's Day last month, I had pleasure to shepherd twelve exceptional and varied articles about mothers to AOL's Parentdish, Black Voices, Holidash, and MyDaily channels, or to Red Room's Editor's Picks blog list. I hope you'll read each one, and leave a comment on their Red Room blog...
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In recognition of Women's History Month in March, I asked several Red Room authors to write about women who inspired them to become writers themselves. It was my pleasure to shepherd these articles to The Huffington Post's books page, AOL's Black Voices, AOL News, or to Red Room's Originals...
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In recognition of Black History Month, it's been my pleasure to solicit articles for AOL's Black Voices and for Red Room from authors, each of whom has a unique and important take on the celebration. From actor and author Michael Boatman's witty and wise take on black stereotypes to April Sinclair'...
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The death this month of Barbara Billingsley—TV homemaker June Cleaver on the 1950s TV series Leave It to Beaver—provides a ripe opportunity to celebrate the bygone era of the mid-century housewife. Fictional housewives—gentle, sweet, blissful suburbanites content to raise their children and eager...
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Mae West once said, "There are no good girls gone wrong. Just bad girls found out." I'm left contemplating those words as I watch Angelina Jolie, whose role unfolds as the ultimate femme fatale ("deadly woman" in French) over the course of her new action thriller, Salt. With...
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Join an all-star line up of panelists at Comic-Con in San Diego on July 23 as we discuss current representations of action heroines in comics, film, and television. Spearheaded by Katrina Hill, founder of the website www.actionflickchick.com, the panel features creative minds such as J. Michael...
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Warrior women—from Wonder Woman to Elektra to Xena to Ripley—have won a die-hard fan following among women in the last decade because, in addition to being sexy, they are strong, in control, smart, and successful. Lara Croft may have originated as pure male fantasy—a buxom video game character with...
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Thorn Reigns
As I was reading USA Today's discussion of the upcoming spy thriller Salt, and Angelina Jolie's starring role in it, I was reminded how much I love the femme fatale, a major archetype in The Supervillain Book and a leading lady in my next project. Celebrated in media from the comics to Hollywood...
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