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Writing a Weekly Column

I write a weekly column for Rockville Patch.  It seems simple enough, just enter what's on my mind and I'm good to go.  The trouble is, a lot of times the things that are on my mind are not that interesting.  Take grout.   I've been mulling over the best way to clean grout on a floor for several weeks now.  I'm no closer to a solution and the topic barely interests me.  Ditto for what to do about the wood in the front door frame that clearly needs to be replaced.  And that's only the home repair category.

There's also the question of how to work three 20-hour jobs in one 40-hour week.  No solution for that one yet and who wants to hear me lament when there are plenty of people who don't have jobs?  Or kids.  Of which I have three, all running pell mell down the track in their own life dramas.  One is studying in China for the semester.  One is finishing up middle school.  The last is finishing up elementary school.  Each of them has plenty that occupies my time and takes up my brain space.  They are endlessly fascinating to me but I get it that most other people are just not that interested in someone else's kids.

 I'm on a mission to find some genuinely interesting topics.  I've been reading the paper, keeping up with the local news, talking to people to see what's on their minds...  So far the top topic seems to be a hot debate over a five cent tax levied on people who don't bring their own bags to the grocery store.  I care about this.  I really do.  I've even been known to bring my own bags with me.   It's just that this global issue is already in fine hands.  Which leaves me with my musings about grout.