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I finally sat down to write last week.  Not to write the things I write for other people.  This was to write something purely discretionary.  I've been feeling like I was ready to write something  but not really sure what it was.  Imagine my surprise and delight when it turned out to be science...
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I've been walking around feeling broody.  Not broody like brooding.  Broody like expectant.  Like I just know pretty soon I'm going to write something amazing.  At least amazing to me. Does that ever happen to you?  You'll be going about whatever you're doing and this nagging feeling starts at the...
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What makes great narrative nonfiction?  Is it the way the author structures the narrative, the voice, the points of departure the writer chooses along the way?   Are you a fan of McPhee, Kidder, Skloot? Have you been writing for years or are you just getting started? Whatever your answers to the...
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I write a weekly column for Rockville Patch.  It seems simple enough, just enter what's on my mind and I'm good to go.  The trouble is, a lot of times the things that are on my mind are not that interesting.  Take grout.   I've been mulling over the best way to clean grout on a floor for several...
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Next week I'm finishing up my first book-under-contract.  It's a science book for Springer Verlag, about scale model testing, hydrodynamic principles, and the history of technology.  I'm thrilled to be writing it and only have true angst about incorporating the images into the manuscript.Writing...
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