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Pat Guppy Sings 'My Favourite Things'

Pat Guppy sings 'My Favourite Things' on stage at The Sea View Musicarium.

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Gina, congrats on the launch of the new book! If Pat Guppy is written to be even half as unbearable as she seems in this cartoon, she will horrify millions! : )


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Thank you, Evie! She's on

Thank you, Evie!

She's on half throttle in the cartoon, so maybe my book should come with its own sedatives and darkened room.

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We are so thrilled to see Gina's video featured as Red Room's Post of the Week. Thank you!

If readers like this animated short, perhaps they would also like the Sex and the City parody Gina has created to help promote her novels. The animation features the main characters from both The Wonderful Demise of Benjamin Arnold Guppy and The Delightful Undoing of Patricia Enid Guppy.

Here is the link to the pilot animation, with an entire series to follow - http://www.redroom.com/video/pat-and-city-the-pilot

We hope you enjoy it!