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Maris... emissary for all ratkind

Maris - rat emissary

During a visit to see the local vet, Maris was sitting in a travel case, along with her sister, Mrs Peabody, when a woman in the waiting room asked if the noises being emitted from the case were being made by a hamster. When that woman was told that the girl responsible for the chattering was in fact a rat, she exclaimed 'oh, Ihate rats!' and moved away. As Maris appeared, looking as cheerful as ever, and decidedly non-ferocious, the woman became curious and inched forward. She asked if she could stroke the small white bundle of giggling fluff, and then, when the case was opened, proceeded to do so. Maris, loving the attention (which she is incredibly used to on account of her good looks and immense charm), leaned out to accommodate more ratty love. The woman was cured. Maris had achieved her goal... to promote ratkind to the whole world, one scratch behind the ears at a time.

It is so often the case that hatred is the result of ignorance, and Maris proves that each and every time she meets the public. A ferocious flesh-ripping monster she is not. Diseased she is not. She is clean, intelligent, charming, curious, polite. She is everything that those who know nothing of her species, but hate her all the same, assume she is not. The next time you express distrust for, or hatred towards, something you don't understand, ask yourself how you are able to form an opinion without knowledge and experience of the object of those feelings.

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Assuming She Likes Eggplant

Maris has earned a nice ratatouille.

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Yum Yum Yum!

Maris would love that... as long as there's a pea starter and a chocolate pudding that goes with it.

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She's adorable!

She is charming and good looking! And a great teacher of tolerance!