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I'm too happy to hate

Richard and Neesha asked (click here to read the original questions) how the problems with my neighbours began, and how I feel about them now.

Well, the problems began pretty much the moment Mr & Mrs N set eyes on my husband and I. We tried continuously, without any success, to fathom what had inspired their ill feelings towards us, and to be honest it was driving us a little nuts, being so at a loss to find the cause and therefore at a loss to find the remedy. Then, whilst looking through some legal paperwork given to us during the conveyancing process, I came across a bundle of papers handed to us by the people who'd lived in our home before us... old letters, useful telephone numbers, etc. Contained within that bundle of papers were several letters written by our predecessors to other neighbours or vice versa, and each one concerned the behaviour of Mr & Mrs N. There had been no beginning for us; the situation had begun years before our arrival and we'd simply stepped into the shoes of our predecessors, who'd been bullied just like a number of our other neighbours. The couple who'd sold us our home hadn't intended to leave those papers behind... that became clear when we contacted them. They'd lied on their property information forms to be rid of the place, but that's another story entirely. Anyway, there you have it... there was no beginning, just continuation.

How do I feel about Mr & Mrs N now? Well, most of the time I don'tfeel much at all. They've blended back into the mass of strangers that have no part in my life. I am amused by them, when I recall some of the silly things they did and said, but other than that, if I feel anything at all, I suppose it is pity. Happy people don't go around trying to make other people miserable... miserable people do. People often comment that I must hate them considering what happened, but I'm having way too much fun to be bothering with all that hating business!

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Displacing hatred

Good for you, Gina! A happy marriage is a wonderful thing. Cherish it!
Wishing you every success with the book, BTW.

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Thanks Rosy. There isn't a

Thanks Rosy. There isn't a day goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars for having been blessed with a wonderful husband and a happy marriage. I'm a very lucky girl.

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That's not what she says to me Rosy! ;)

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Well, that's because I

Well, that's because I wouldn't want you to get big headed my dear. We'd have to widen the doorways and get a bigger car just to accommodate your inflated noggin. :p

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So it's been 7 months since this post. What's the latest? Has your happiness shielded you from your unhappy neighbors' barbs? Or better yet, has your love and joy spread like wildflowers to your now happy neighbors? I hope so!