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Home Sweet Home

We've had some major work done to the roof, so there's scaffolding all over the place. This afternoon, just before it started to pour down, Ryoma went up onto the roof and took some photos. The rain clouds had already rolled in, and the world had become a misty shade of dull grey, but they give you some idea of the views from up there in the clouds. In the first photo, you can just make out the newly-built Grand Pier (click on any image to enlarge it). The pier's also in the second photo, as is the road leading up to our home. The third photo shows the view as you look left over the rooftops, towards the centre of town. You can just about make out the white Weston wheel on the seafront if you really look hard. The fourth photo shows the view if you look right whilst up on our roof. We live just a stone's throw from the old town quarry, which is now a nature reserve.

I do consider myself to be very lucky indeed to live here. We've moved about a fair amount over the years, but we've been here almost seven years now, and I can't imagine us ever wanting to leave... well, not for decades anyway. The light is very good for painting, and the air is very clear. Also, as I am partial to a good gale force wind that threatens to rip you out of your living room and catapult you out to sea, the weather here is just how I like it.

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And waaaaay over there,

And waaaaay over there, beyound that island, is Canada.

What is it Dr. Johnson said? "The most beautiful sight to anyone in Britain is the ocean to Canada."

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He said that because he knew

He said that because he knew you'd be there one day. A man of good taste, you see.

Yes, Canada's out there. A small boat and a strong wind and I could pop across for a spot of shopping.