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An Album of the Twelve Zodiacal Signs by Seihō

The most recent addition to my collection arrived today... a lovely design of a rat by Takeuchi Seihō (1864 - 1942), published 1910-12 by Unsodo, from an album of full-page colour woodblocks entitled  An Album of the Twelve Zodiacal Signs by Seihō. The rat is shown inspecting the colourful spindle of a kite. As someone who's lived with rats for years, I have to say that Seihō has captured the inquisitive nature of the rat perfectly and his depiction of her physical form can't be faulted. The moment I saw this print, I knew I had to have it. She is the spitting image of one of my girls, Bimbim, who was a black-and-white Berkshire rat. She loved bright colours and would most certainly have loved to have this spindle to investigate.

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Congrats on adding this to your collection!  Are the other signs equally beautiful, as this artist has rendered them?


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Thank you! This rat is so

Thank you! This rat is so much like our Bimbim, the resemblance is uncanny.

They're all wonderful. The rat is my favourite, of course. I've tried to find images of all of them online, but the complete album is very rare so I've been unsuccessful.

The last time I saw the complete album listed for sale it was over $10,000. I thought about selling Ryoma to raise the cash.