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Bad manners at check-in

Bad manners create stress, stress makes you sick. It makes me want to throw up over the rude idiot who always tries to wiggle their way forward in the queue for check-in at the airport. Any airport in the world. The whole concept of personal space does not exist in the competition it takes to get to check-in where the lines are clearly marked and, technically speaking, there is no confusion about ones position.

But what happens every time? The person behind me in the queue moves slightly, subtly, to one side, their suitcase is pushed slightly further forward, a minute or two pass to let the new situation settle in, then they move forward and to the side pretending to look at some sign or something at the front of the queue. Next thing I know they’re standing almost shoulder to shoulder with me and their suitcase is, albeit to one side, definitely closer than I am to the check-in desk. My chest tightens and my breathing is strained and I shuffle forward accepting and suffering the fact that I am sacrificing my own personal space from the front as I come nose to jacket with the unwittingly involved man ahead of me and breached from the back, but by this time, the side, by the so-and-so who is meant to be behind me but currently breathing down my neck.

I can’t think, I can barely breathe and only one thought is going through my mind “I was here first. I was here first”. What will happen if that individual (I’m being polite) manages to get in front because I become distracted for a nano second? Will I say something? Will I be confrontational? Anyway, what would I lose? It will take maybe a minute longer to check in? Or is it the thin end of the wedge? One person weasels past me so everyone else will do the same. I haven’t been able to defend my territory. My home, my castle, is the queue and my place in it. My sense of self-worth depends upon it, the need to check-in being of minimal importance in those crucial moments.

I will defend my spot in the queue with my life. And they worry about road rage or stress in the workplace? The silent killer is bad manners at check-in.