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When Things are getting darker

It has been quite sometime that my first poetry, A VIEW FROM AFAR OFF (A Poetic Legacy From Heaven), has gone off the press.  I was wondering what happened to my publisher, Carpe Diem Publishing and its owner, Andrew Byrne.  The email and websites were no longer active.

I was planning to publish it locally, but, I find it difficult to pursue this because I need to contact first my publisher to get permission.  So far, no communication yet has transpired between us.

Could anyone from Red Room advise me on what to do.  I presently working out my next poetry book, but it seems no hope for it to get published.  I don't have enough money to pay the cost of publishing because the value of dollar is higher than our peso currency.

I believe dreams can become true again, when one gives the chance to an oblivious writer like me.