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 Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is the ultimate and living example of the word:''Forgiveness'' he lived

a life of love among all men and demonstrated his love for all mankind when he died on the cross two thousand

years ago.When Jesus was dying on the cross in his pains and agony he said:''Father forgive them,for they

do not know what they do'' Luke 23:34  

Here we read the words of Jesus before he died on the cross he forgive his enemies who was crucifying

him.He was and is the supreme example of 'Forgiveness' to humanity.His philosophy of love and forgiveness

transcended every creed,race,religion and culture.The great Mahatma Gandhi copied his doctrine of 'ahimsa'

non violence from Our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.Even the living example of non-violence Nelson Mandela and

civil rights leader Martin Luther King took their examples of love and forgiveness from Jesus and Gandhi.

Gandhi said,''an eye for an eye gives the whole world a blind eye'' his profound statement still lives on today

in this world of war,ignorance,terrorism and madness. 

  Jesus himself taught us about forgiveness from the Lord's prayer he said,''and forgive us our debts, as we forgive

our debtors.''Jesus goes on to teach his contemporaries by saying,'' For if you forgive men their trespasses,your

Heavenly Father will also forgive you.''Here he is telling us to forgive our enemies only then we can receive forgiveness

from our Heavenly Father.In Matthew 6:15 he said,'' But if you do not forgive men their trespasses,neither will your

Father forgive your trespasses.'' These profound truths spoken by Jesus will liberate our hearts from hate,greed and war so that we will love our neighbours as ourselves and live in a better world devoid of wars and hatred for each

other.Jesus even goes on to demonstrate to his disciples about forgiving their brothers 490 times,that's a very hard

road to walk upon.He who learns to love will reach into the Kingdom of God.Saint Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 13

''Love never fails,and now abide faith,hope,love,these three;but the greatest of these is love'' only when we can experience salvation in Christ we will be able to love and forgive like Jesus did.What we need in this world is the love

of God to forgive man's wrong as we travel the long road from mortality into immortality.   

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I search for you my Lord when I look into the skies,
I know you are coming again before I shall die.
I am preaching your Word to save lost souls from hell,
Many are deceived by their wealth in their brilliant shells.

Give your heart to Jesus for your soul to be saved,
Jesus will come again to take you to the land of the brave.
Our lives are just like smoke that vanished in the wind,
God will guide your soul to him for you never to be blind.

When Jesus comes will you be ready to go home again?
He will give you hope and heal your heart's pain.
Don't live a life just to gain this world's vanity,
Then you shall be gone to hell in calamity.

Hell is a real place for lost sinners my dear friends,
Come home to Jesus he will save your souls in the end.
He is your hope,savior, and blessed friend upon this earth,
Give your heart to him he knows you since before your birth.

Jesus is coming again in the skies for all eyes to see,
He will call the dead back to life from the raging seas.
O he is coming again for all eyes to believe he is Lord!
I will fly away to him like a glorious humming bird.

Come back quickly my Lord for me to see your face again,
Heal my wounds and my broken heart full of pain.
Take me to a land where things will never fade,
Take me to your heavenly land of glory where I was made.
Come into my heart and teach me how to love,
Teach my fragile soul to love you like a gentle dove.