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Back To School By Gideon Cecil

The hot summer sun open her brilliant eyes smiling at children going back to school in Guyana.I remember just a few

days ago my two children Rachel seven and Daniel five were very busy packing their school bags and lunch kits to get

back to school in a hurry after two long months of summer holidays at home.As I contemplated their very busy schedule

I can see myself just like a school boy many years ago hustling and bustling to get back to school after a long vacation.

School is the best place for my children because it's an atmosphere where the child is being educated to read and write

and to acquire more and more skills in life as he gets older from nursery school to Primary,then to secondary school

and eventually University.The greatest gift a parent can give a child is to acquire a good education,also to attend a great church where he will develop himself morally,spiritually,and intellectually.

I am very delighted to offer my children the best education that's accorded to them because the true value of education is to bring out the best values in our children.Knowledge is power.When a child can acquire a wealth of knowledge then I can say he has the divine marks of an educated person.

Let your children like my children be deligent in mathematics,efficient in grammar,fluent in English,Latin and French,versatile in science,a scholar in religion and philosophy and a genius at literature and poetry.These are the basic functions in learning;it's the best gift we can give our children when we can inculcate in their minds a great desire to learn and acquire the true philosophy of education.

As I see my children get back to school my heart jumps for joy because true education is the key to their success.