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Her Parthian thrust wounds me deeply,

Bladed whip sinking in farther than she thinks it did,


To this day, I trace the scar lovingly,

Remembering days gone by when enemies


Laughed and loved the hands that carry

Their death sentence; when we stood


Not on opposite sides like vexing lovers

But on the same, shoulder to shoulder,


Fighting all that dared challenge the might of

Naïve children, fancying themselves invincible


Fools that fell prey to their confidante’s betrayal;

To this day, I trace the scar lovingly


Remembering wounds that came before this,

Remembering blood that poured out in streams


When hearts turned against the hands that helped

The other up; refusing to leave one behind


Bound to each other by more than blood and blood

Soon covered the hands of the child too young to know


The ways of the world; the corruption and deceit

To this day, I trace the scar lovingly


Only one of numerous wounds placed there by

Sharp tongues and barbed hands, reaching out not


For help, but for reasons neither understands, blood

On both hands as they fall further into the darkness,


Each step yanking them away from the innocence of

Childhood tribulations, the clarity youth brings, the


Laughter dying away, faint echoes straining to be heard;

To this day, I trace the scar lovingly


Thinking, not of secrets to be shared but plotted moves,

Future attacks, ways to place more scars, spill more blood,


Pushing away the memories that threaten to engulf me

Should I but even think of forgetting, the sharp sting of


Daggers stabbed into my back, time and time again and

Attempting to ride out the storm, losing grasp on


The clouds of darkness that gathered, wiping away my denial,

To this day, I trace the scar lovingly,


Planning my revenge; a sweet, slow, sensuously torturous thing

Payback for all that I’ve endured in the name of love and friendship.


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Ghausia,  ... the pharse "to this day, I trace the scar lovingly" brings a memory to me that even though the scar is there and real, I can still smile... If Perdify communicates nothing else to any other person, please know that I am grateful for the experience of reading that pharse that brought the smile to my lips!  Take care - Keep peace - Tehry


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I'm glad I made you smile

I'm glad I made you smile Tehry. This poem is actually about a friend of mine who somehow transformed from by best friend into a stranger I tried so hard to hold on to out of a misguided sense of sentimentality, but in the end, I eventually had to let go. This poem deals with my sense of anger and betrayal at her 'perfidy' and served as sort of closure for me. Thanks for commenting!

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The Phrase

... Ghausia - I really can spell the word PHRASE... I just seem to have difficulty typing it. Thanks again for your words. Take care - Keep peace