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"What Happened to My America?" Requested contribution to WeBook chosen for publication

 I was asked to contribute my thoughts on the upcoming inauguation of Pres. Obama. My piece was chosen to be published in a WeBook anthology. The contribution is below.

 My thoughts on the coming presidential inauguration take me back to the moment that I began to fear living in the United States.

In Philip Roth's novel, The Plot Against America, Charles Lindbergh beats out Franklin Roosevelt and is elected president of the United States in 1940.

Lindbergh negotiated a cordial accord with Adolf Hitler, accepting his conquest of Europe that created an atmosphere of anti-Semitism and bigotry. America became a nightmare for Jews and the country became polarized politically as well as racially. Anyone found to be against the president was labeled instantly as a traitor.

How could this have happened? Why didn't someone do something? 

I read that book in 2004. I had the uncomfortable feeling I was reading the history of the United States in 2005. Roth's book was supposed to be fiction, yet I shelved it under non-fiction.

The parallel to 2004 was uncomfortably close. We had a president that disregarded the laws of the land. He fostered divisions in the country and suppressed dissent of any kind. He allowed favoritism in his administration and permitted his military to make their own rules. 

Why didn't someone do something? Why didn't I? And, more importantly, why didn't our Congress? Where were they? Why didn't they protect us from our version of Charles Lindberg? Was there no one to speak for me?

Apparently not.

I am not yet hopeful. I'm looking for something I could not find for eight years: An opportunity to bring us back. I hope to move Roth's book to the fiction shelf.