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What does it all mean?

I guess I'm stuck on a theme, because I feel compelled to revisit the world of writers, authors, publishing and books.

I'm intrigued and yet fearful  of the degree of importance literature will play in our society years from now? Will our grandchildren read the classics? Will they even know about Homer's Iliad and Odyssey? Does it matter after all?

It matters to me in that literature links us with history and that people actually wrote books long before we were ever here. Early literature says writing is important. If we don't write what happens to our imagination, our fantasies, our creativity and out ability to stretch our minds beyone watching a screen with images.

I'm concerned my grandchildren will not have the experience of visiting the library and hunting for that particular book. Then again, I must stay open to a new form of search.

Perhaps reading Black Beauty will mean a different type of trip to the library. I'm OK with that, as long as there are Black Beauty-type books available to read?

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In Short

I think many people will still want to read lines of text at their leisure. I doubt this will eventually mean only Kindle-type platforms, for none of these devices are as pliable as a book between covers.

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In the beginning...was the word,  that touch our hearts , and all of our senses ; through which it holds, our history and our future, in our own hands;  as reading.

Dear Geri,

Thank you very much for your message. I truly appreciate, and resonate to.