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A Trip Through The Google Gateway

 A Trip Through The Google Gateway

Would you use one book to do all your research on a subject? Probably not.

That is what you do when you use Google as your only source.

Google, as wonderful as it is, is not the only search engine in town. It is huge, yes,  but still limited. However, it is a great gateway to many other search options on the Web.

To demonstrate this process, I used  "Gun Control" as my topic. I looked up "Gun Control"  in nine different search sites.  Some results were similar to each site and many others wildly different .

To begin I've listed the first seven items from Google. Following are the different results from the other sites I searched. The sites are a mix of search engines, databases, and directories or Meta Search engines.

Google results for the search on "Gun Control"

.Ø News for gun control

Ø History of gun control is cautionary tale for those seeking regulations after Conn. Shooting

Ø Gun control? It's a tough sell in Virginia

Ø Gun Control-just facts

Ø Gun control - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ø Gun Control News and Video - Fox News Topics - FOXNews.com

Ø Gun Control Laws in America -ABC News



Ø Gun Control News Results

Ø Gun Control - Just facts

Ø Gun Control Newsbatch

Ø Gun Control Wikipedia

Ø Gun Control Video Results



Ø Republicans Aren't the Only Gun-Control Obstacle

Ø Gun Control Laws may tighten in California

Ø Gun Control California: Stockton School Shooting



Ø Regulate Arms _ no More Arms for Atrocities

Ø Second Amendment News

Ø Defending Family

Ø Today's Gun News


Open Directory Project

  • Kerry, Gun Control and Hunting

Ø The Truth About Gun Control and the Second Amendment

Ø US News and World Report-Gun Control and Gun Rights

Ø Guardian. Co.uk - US Gun Control

Ø GunCite-Presentation and analysis of firearm statistics, research policies and gun control laws



Ø Response to the NRA Billmoyers.com

Ø California Gun Laws-FindLaw.com

Ø Today's Gun News - Keep AndBearArms.com

Ø Five myths about gun control



Ø Defending Your Family - Liberty Mutual.com


Ø Regulate Arms

Ø NFA Lawyer

Ø Watch Gun online

Ø Gun Control?

 oaister.com    (Libraries worldwide)

Ø Gun control legislation in Canada

Ø Gun Court

Ø Gun Permits

Ø Report to the President on issues raised by the Virginia Tech Tragedy

Ø Gun trafficking task force

Ø Firearms


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