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David Ignatius has just written a column in the Washington Post expressing his doubts that Barack Obama will be an effective bipartisan "bridge builder" because he "has not shown much willingness to take risks or make enemies to try to restore a working center in Washington."...
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The bad news for me is that, because of family conflicts, I won't be able to go to Ohio to help canvass for Obama before the primary. (I guess this is why most political volunteers are a lot younger or a lot older than I am. This kid-career-engagement-with-the-greater- world act is quite a trick.)...
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What keeps me confident in my support for Barack Obama, more than anything, is his grace under fire. With rare exceptions, he retains a poise in the face of attack unlike any I've seen from a politician in years, unlike any I've seen from a Democrat in my adult life. His supporters do not always...
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When I fly from California to Ohio next week, one of my jobs will be to go into blue-collar neighborhoods and convince people that they should vote for Barack Obama. Most of them will be voters whom the demographers call “less educated” or “high school diploma or less.” It’s a category that Hillary...
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For years my son's favorite book was Watership Down, in which the novelist Richard Adams richly imagined the language and world view of a band of rabbits. Among the mostly puzzling and frightening "man-things" to the rabbits is the automobile, the hrududu. At night, says one rabbit, that...
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I wish my mom had lived to see this election. Leslie Jones was the definition of a Loyal Democrat. In November 2000 she was dying of cancer—she’d chosen not to continue chemotherapy and we all knew that the end couldn’t be more than a few months away—but she was more depressed about George Bush’s...
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