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So I've had all these blog entries forming in my head for weeks: the researching my book in London one, the post-election one, the what-in-hell-am-I-thankful-for one, the Christmas one. But having too much in my head makes it scary to click on "Blog Entry" and enter this empty rectangle. So today I thought I would just look at the blog. Which I did, and then suddenly it didn't seem that hard to write a post about the effect of looking at the blog.

I think this is a problem with the book I'm struggling with, too. I have so much stuff in my notes and my head, but when I start work it always takes the form of "the book." I should think, not, "I really ought to work on the book" but "I really ought to work on the scene where Mary meets Bernarr in the train station." As if that was the whole project, a stand-alone scene were Mary meets Bernarr in the train station. Go back to that Bird by Bird stuff, as Anne Lamott called it.

I met Anne Lamott a few months ago. It was an at Obama fundraiser. Nice lady.