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Sundays with Will and Gerry

My long-time collaborator Will Jacobs and I are trying something new in our ongoing efforts to call attention to our revived humor writing. We're calling it "Sundays with Will and Gerry" because it sounds sort of corny and appealing and it puts us in mind of the Sunday funnies. Every Sunday from today through the end of this summer (and maybe a little longer) we're going to be uploading a new installment of one of our humor projects to the web.

The first week in the cycle it'll be a new chapter of Million Dollar Ideas, our peculiar new novel about a peculiar couple of screenwriters in the 1940s named Ed and Johnny, which I'm publishing right here on my Red Room page. Chapter Four, "Boys Meet Girl," is up right now—and it marks a major turning point for our hapless lads.

Every second week, starting next Sunday the 22nd, we'll be publishing an installment from our latest project, My Pal Splendid Man, a series of stories about the friendship between the most splendid hero in the universe and a far-from-splendid would-be writer. It's in prose form, not comics form—but still, it marks our first collaborative venture back into the comic-book universe in over a decade, and we're very happy to be back.

Every third week, starting June 29th, will feature another chapter of this screwy but really fun thing called Million Dollar Ideas—The Photonovel, where we illustrate the adventures of Ed and Johnny with photos and other illustrations from the '40s. The first one's up now. Chapter Two, "The Jungles of Edna (Illustrated)," will be here in two weeks.

And then the cycle starts over again, with Chapter Five of Million Dollar Ideas ("The Count of Central Avenue"), arriving on July 6th. We'll be looking forward to sharing all these diversions with you—and we hope you enjoy this regular immersion in our absurd worlds. (Oh, and you know I love comments, right?)

Happy Father's Day!