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cause that worked so well last time

my guess- Brett Favre.  :)  A part of me still wants Hillary, but I will be surprised if thats it.  And whats with the early announcement?  Christ - theres no reason to watch the convention at all now.  Maire

Broadway Brett is the biggest story in the NFL, the Mets are in 1st place - and where am I?  Cincinnati.  Whats wrong with this picture? 

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Favre would definitely help him on the experience front. And with McCain making a battle out of it in Wisconsin? You may have it!

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What you're smoking...

...can I HAVE some, TOO?  ;)

Seriously?  Kerry?  Why? 

There are few things more unforgivable to party loyalists than losing an election.  What could Kerry bring to the ticket that, say, Biden could not -- other than the taint of losing what should have been an eminently WINNABLE election in 2004?

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I had to guess someone. And if I'm right on a long-shot like this, won't I look smart?

If I'm wrong I can claim I was being sarcastic...which maybe I am...

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Stephanie Tubbs Jones

Now she would have been great. The woman who stood up and objected to the electoral college tally that gave Ohio to Bush in 2004. And how many obits mention that act of courage. At least Kerry issued a statement. Kerry on the ticket might at least make people remember how horrific the last 8 years have been. How about Al Gore. Given that Obama may very well not win this thing, itsn't it time for St. Al to take one for team green??