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Keep It Simple, Stupid

I'm so grateful for Red Room's lack of choices in page formats, and I dread the day they follow the inevitable course of web commerce and increase our options. I run another blog on Blogspot (I won't waste your time with a link, because I mostly repost what I write here), and it gives me all those choices that we're supposed to want: background color, text color, font, size, format. So I find myself fiddling endlessly with my background color, text color, font, size, format. And I find myself writing posts like these:

What Do You Think of This Font?

I was having a hard time reading my own posts so I thought I should go for a bigger font size. But this one is so big...and there's no size in between, as far as I can figure out. So I thought maybe a different font face would be better, like maybe a Times would make the bigger font not look so damned big, or a Lucida Grande would make the smaller font clearer. But nothing looks quite right in Preview. So then I started wondering if this white-on-black lettering is just inherently a problem. Like it's always going to be either hard to read or obnoxious-looking. I wanted some variety from my other blog pages, where I always have darker letters on a light background, but variety's not worth it if it's hard to read. Of course, I'm 50 years old, so maybe most of you can read it more easily or you're more used to these dark-background blogs or somethin I'd welcome any comments on this. Because then I could spend time reading your comments and responding to them. I've managed to avoid writing my book for over an hour by messing around with my font's but there's a limit to how long I can stretch that out. You know?


I've written a few others like that, too. The thing is, I'm a writer, and I'm in procrastination mode. So the last thing I need is more stuff to mess around with. Especially stuff I can justify as being "good for the promotion of my work." No, what I need is a stark lack of choices. I sleep. I hang out with my family. I run errands. Or I sit at my computer. And if I sit at my computer, I write. I don't mess with no Lucida Grande.

Here's hoping Red Room keeps it simple for a long to come.