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Friends of Will and Gerry

Here's a direct assault on my problems with isolation: a website for uploading short fiction and humor by other writers I've talked with in the process of promoting the new on-line humor books I'm writing with Will Jacobs. It's fun—like being a magazine editor with none of the headaches—and it gives me that sense of writing as a participatory act that I've been craving. I know one of the first two contributors through the Writers Grotto—Joe Quirk, who writes real science in a very funny way—and the other through the comic book business—Mindy Newell, who brought a human (and feminist) quality to Wonder Woman and Catwoman that those characters have rarely enjoyed. Next week I should be adding something from Chris Wright, an English humorist I know only through the on-line community. Pretty interesting stuff for an old guy like me who wrote his first few books with a typewriter and a few thousand sheets of Co-Rec-Type.

Meanwhile, I've also made an addition the most inspired excuse for procrastination I've ever come up with: Million Dollar Ideas—The Photonovel. While claiming to be "promoting" my new humor book I've actually given myself a pretext for spending hours on line collecting cool pictures of Hollywood in the '40s instead of writing. I'd love it if you'd check it out and make comments...so I can rationalize doing the next chapter...