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Comic Con

I go to Comic Con every year, but lately it's just been to hang out with my friend Joe and look through old yellowing comics and feel that sultry San Diego air. Oh, and the drive. I love driving alone down I-5 in the summer heat, staying at some shabby motel at the bottom of the big valley, then pushing through LA early the next morning. It's been a while since I had work to do there, but this year I do, both as the writer of a new graphic novel and as a comics historian. Another distraction from The Undressing of America, but it's always good to be reminded that there are actually people out there who like my work and want to hear what I have to say.

My schedule, if anyone's planning to be there and wants to look me up:

Thursday July 22:

1:00-2:30. Moderating a panel, More Fun with Siegel and Shuster, "a historic and revelatory panel about the misunderstood originators of superhero comics," in Room 26AB.

4:00-5:30. Signing copies of the just-released Networked: Carabella on the Run (and whatever else people want to bring up to be signed) at the NBM Publishing booth.

7:30-9:30. On a panel with a bunch of old writers and editors following the first showing of a new documentary, Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics (in which I'm a talking head), Room 7A.

Friday July 23:

1:00-2:30. Signing at NBM again, this time with my artist pal Mark Badger alongside me.

5:30-7:00. Me and Mark at NBM again.

Saturday July 24:

10:30-12:00. Me, Mark, NBM.

1:30-2:30. On a "Comics Criticism" panel, Room 4.

5:30-7:30. Back to NBM.

Sunday July 25:

1:00-2:30. Final signing at NBM, if there still seems to be a market for it.

Look me up if you want to say hi!