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10,001 and counting.
Delighted as I was to be greeted Friday morning by David Brooks’s book reviewish column headlined Genius: The Modern View, and as much as I admire Mr. Brooks, I was surprised to discover that he wasn’t writing satirically when he described the path to genius. According to the two new books he was...
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Napoleon Hill
1. You notice that people are selling onesies on street corners, like pencils, apples, and sheets from yellow pads 2. You’ve had a request from a long-lost college friend to move in with you, temporarily. 3. You’ve asked an old friend if you could move in with them, temporarily. 4. Skirts and...
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WPA 1 IH158784.jpg
President-elect Barack Obama’s announcement this weekend of a massive top-down jobs and infrastructure program comes as no surprise, but I had a queasy feeling as I listened to him describe each specific example: build schools, bridges, roads, high speed internet. One word came to mind. Slow....
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Frontpaged in the NY Times today in an article by William J. Broad and Cornelia Dean is a comparison of the two presidential candidates' plans for renewing the United States as an innovation economy. Assuming that Obama will win the election, I think it is safe to say that America will return to a...
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  In today's NY Times Joe Nocera'scolumn attempts to eviscerate Jerry Yang for his efforts to maintain Yahoo! asYahoo! instead of letting his creation become watered down so that itultimately is nothing more than a deadened brand inside Microsoft or Google.Nocera claims throughout his column that...
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