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I'm delighted to have a poem--titled "Test"-- included in Rabbit Ears: Poems About TV, a forthcoming anthology edited by Joel Allegretti and published by Poets Wear Prada. Joel has gathered comments from many of the contributors, reflecting on their respective poems.  Here's mine:...
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32 Poems has just released an anthology of poems from its first 10 years of publication, titled Old Flame, and published by WordFarm Press: http://www.wordfarm.net/books/9781602260139/ I'm delighted that my poem "What's Wrong with You" is among such good company, along with Bruce Bond, Billy...
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Kin is a new online poetry journal, beautifully designed and thoughtfully edited, featuring poems, reviews, and interviews.  I'm delighted to have a poem just published there, and hope this blog post will point other readers to Kin and its contributors: http://wearekin.org/author/gwitte/...
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I have been reading and re-reading three first rate books of poems, and want to recommend them to interested readers.    Gospel Night by Michael Waters.  A varied, tightly crafted but capacious book ranging over many subjects: love and sex, music, history, odd bits and facts...
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On the train the other day, I noted a stray backpack on the seat across from me, looking rather like the backpack in the paranoia-inducing "If You See Something, Say Something" posters that adorn New Jersey Transit and PATH trains. There I sat, pretending to read Timothy Donnelly's exemplary...
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With today's publication of Dick Cheney's In My Time, and the forthcoming events planned to recognize the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001, I find myself thinking about this past decade and how so many of our civil bonds have frayed or split, some of them perhaps beyond repair. Here's a...
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  The Boy in the Moon is a remarkable memoir by Ian Brown, the father of a boy named Walker, who is one of perhaps 100 people in the world who live with an extremely rare syndrome.    The book is universal in its concerns, and asks big questions about the meaning of life, and the value of it,...
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The NY Times reviews an early copy of George Bush's memoir today, and cites a passage in which the president acknowledges that he directly condoned waterboarding in order to gain information about possible terrorist actions.  While the poem below isn't "about" waterboarding, it considers...
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Many poets--including this one--are reluctant to use the word "political" to describe poetry, because the word has come to suggest the advancing of a point of view, an opinion or agenda, rather than a way of engaging with the world.  I too have winced at the earnest sloganeering op-eds,...
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Today we exercise our individual and collective right to vote, and whatever your politics might be, please don't neglect that right.  At my train station this morning, one guy said to another, "Ah, the hell with them all, it's not worth the time it will take to get to the polls."  Voter...
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I'm working on a new manuscript of poems, and hope to finish it in the next six to nine months.  A long poem from the manuscript, titled "Consonance," appears in the Fall issue of Southwest Review (Volume 95, Number 3).   The issue also has strong work from Bruce Bond, Malachi Black (a...
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Rick Mullin is a New Jersey poet with a new book just published: the book length epic Huncke.  Among the Beats, Herbert Huncke is a minor but legendary figure: a hobo, junkie, petty thief, 42nd street denizen, and object of professional interest for William Burroughs (who portrayed him in Junkie),...
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WordRiot is a lively web magazine that publishes poetry, fiction, memoir, reviews, and more.  The new issue is just up and includes a thoughtful review of Deniability by John Petrolino:    http://www.wordriot.org/archives/1171  
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Readers might enjoy learning about Your Daily Poem, a site and subscription email that offers one poem a day from a range of writers, past and present.  I'm delighted that my poem "Talus Slope" from The Apparitioners appears today (February 5)...a winter's poem, just before the big storm...
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Brian Spears (poetry editor of the first-rate online journal The Rumpus) also blogs, and reviewed my book Deniability recently at http://brian-spears.com/blog.html.   A mixed review, but he takes the book seriously, which is all a writer can ask for.   It's worth noting that The Rumpus is offering...
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