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Old "Friends"


Don't ever think 

those scenes we played

in Once Upon a Time

can fade behind some rosy screen

or hide beneath some rime


you did the things you did those days

you said the things you said

all azure then was simply blue

each scarlet only red


not softer and not brighter

not darker and not worse

so tell it straight or tell it not

in chapter or in verse.


that road we walked together

was only what it was

nothing now will change that

nostalgia never does


so think before you call me

think well and think again

was the dance we did the same one?

were we ever really friends?


if the answer's not forthcoming

if you still can't work it through

here are hints to help you

some road marks t'ward what's true


if we didn't walk the broken paths

if the burden wasn't shared

if we never passed an empty cup

why would you think i care?


the answer, my once-something

is "For you I will have none."

When things are less than stellar,

your kind will cut and run."


Your sort of friend is reedy thin

Your aid a spindly fake

Your kind will sit to eat the meal

you never helped to make


though it's true some meagre moments

may 'scape catching in Time's net

i'll never forgive you anything

and i'll be damned if i forget.