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  Don't ever think  those scenes we played in Once Upon a Time can fade behind some rosy screen or hide beneath some rime   you did the things you did those days you said the things you said all azure then was simply blue each scarlet only red   not softer and not brighter not darker and not worse so tell it straight or tell it not in chapter...
here, today
i am made of words and notions. i am made of campfire nights.i am made of heartfelt potions. i am made of fretful flights. i am made of gusts and whispers. I am made of dreams and bones. I am made of wings and blisters and never do i sing alone."- © 2011 geoffrey thorne 
Here and elsewhere
"Why shouldn't I just kill that guy and take his wife? She's hot and I'm WAY tougher than that skinny thing she's hooked up with."  "Well, no, you can't do things like that."  "Why not?"  "People don't like it."  "Let them say that to my face. I'll kill them too."  "The elders won't like it."  "The...
That she or he who hopes to climb The vaulted ivy covered walls Must needs believe what holds the heights Surpasses that which plods and crawls There's naught in Life that's proven gold Without we several thresholds cross The first is to divine the means of separating gilt from dross The second proves much harder still For some who look but cannot see The...
Short Story
    "Oh, hey. What's going on here?" "Uh, Armageddon, pearly gates, lake of fire. Where have you been?" "Well, dead, mostly." "It's Judgement Day, dude. Get it in gear." "OMG! That's REAL?" "Seems that way." "So that's what all these folks are lined up for?" "Pretty much. See that little...
excerpted from WINTER OF THE WILD HUNT © 2006 geoffrey thorne
Don't weep to the stars, they won't last forever. Don't cry to the earth for constancy. Life is the vein binding hearts together. Nothing that is will always be. Nothing that is will always be. The hawk as he flies screeches out the answer To the question that's posed by the crashing sea. "Death, after Life, is the cruellest cancer....