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Triangulation: End of Time, edited by Pete Butler
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Nicole McClain
The Fix Short Fiction Review

The universe is dying in Geoffrey Thorne’s “Eshu and the Anthropic Principle,” and all that’s left is the god Eshu and a few stubborn bits of matter. Having nothing better to do, Eshu decides to explore the dying realms and see what, if anything, can be found and discovers many things, including himself, along the way. This story cheats a bit with its take on the anthology’s theme, spanning both endings and beginnings. But then, it’s to be expected that a story that deals with the doings of gods would have a dual nature. Eshu is an incarnation of Loki, the trickster god of Norse legend, and it becomes apparent towards the end that at least one of the other three gods who appear know him well enough to count on his contrary nature. I’m a fan of the idea that nothing ever really ends, just changes form, and that there’s always something new to learn, even for gods.