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The results are in. I didn't make the cut to the semi-finals. My wife was all with the head petting and commiseration but, really, I feel pretty good. Here's why: 1) WINTER OF THE WILD HUNT is the first book I ever wrote. It has several flaws that, mostly, I did not correct before entering. Back in...
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Annnnnnnd we're back.  The roller coaster recap is back ONLINE.  Okay. When last we left our intrepid freelancer he was hip deep in the euphoria that goes along with plans and goals coming together. But, as we all know, this is a roller coaster, so pass the nice gentleman your ticket, slide in,...
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Well, the first and second cuts were made and, guess what, I made both!  (pause for goofy writer happy dance!)  The first cut was made on the strength of the Pitch. This was a 500 word selling document giving a quick tease about the merits and some of the bones of your book. Of the roughly 10k...
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So the AMAZON BREAKTHROUGH NOVEL AWARD contest closed its doors a couple days back and, like I said, I'm in. A couple of people have asked me why. Theoretically I don't need to participate and, if I don't make it to the semi-finals, I stand to get some egg on my face considering I'm a pro and most...
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I'm doing this. The bell rings at midnight.
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Well, the cat's out so I figured I'd opine. Some months ago, during a routine submission to HARPER COLLINS, I discovered the beta test for their recently unveiled AUTHONOMY website. In a nutshell the site is a virtual slush pile, inviting writers of any level to submit works for an extremely broad...
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Well. It's a bit late this year. Busy, busy, busy in casa Thorne. Overall this was another banner year. I'd tell if it wasn't, believe me. I'm not going to talk about the election. We all know what we did on that score and we all know what we have to do. There was bad news this year. Some deaths....
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 Nothing huge to report but, rest assured, I haven't forgotten the roller coaster. Good or bad, you'll hear it- er- read it here first. And now, the news:  First up, be on the lookout for two new anthologies this year that will include stories from me. The first is POW!ERFUL TALES from Peryton...
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   That she or he who hopes to climb The vaulted ivy covered walls Must needs believe what holds the heights Surpasses that which plods and crawls   There's naught in Life that's proven gold Without we several thresholds cross The first is to divine the means of separating gilt from dross   The...
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I'm still processing. Not sure I'm actually awake. It's not impossible that I hit my head sometime yesterday after voting and am unconscious somewhere or stumbling around in a delirium.  But, on the off chance that I'm not and have not slipped somehow into a parallel universe where good things...
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Couple of things, folks.   1) Vote Obama/Biden. You know you want to. 2) Sorry I've been lax. It's been a helluva time on the rollercoaster. I know I promised a sequel to the big Oh My God I'm So Hardworking/Lucky posts  and it's coming as soon as both those situations resolve themselves. Nothing...
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Well. It's that time again. I've been meaning to do tis for months and now I've finally got off my butt to do it. Periodically I like to highlight people I've met (or have known for years) who are doing something worth letting people know about. First up is one Warren Drummond- personal friend...
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last night a great many things were said that bugged me but one set of implied falsehoods really stood out. So.... For full effect, use headphones.
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