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I'm still processing. Not sure I'm actually awake. It's not impossible that I hit my head sometime yesterday after voting and am unconscious somewhere or stumbling around in a delirium. 

But, on the off chance that I'm not and have not slipped somehow into a parallel universe where good things occasionally happen and hoping isn't something left for children and lunatics, I would like to answer the big question that will likely be on everyone else's mind once they sober up.


What now?

 What do we do now?

 We get to work.



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WE CAN DO IT! Obama after the elections

I'm with you . . . I've been in a daze all day.  I have turned into such a cynical person I really thought Obama could never win.  My friend from Iowa City tried to tell me, after the primaries 'this is different, all the under 30's are supporting him, I think he can make it!'  I grew up in Iowa so I didn't get my hopes up.  Even after his acceptance speech I was still anxious ( remembering Gore's election).  But it's true, it's GREAT!

One thing we need to do is clean up the electoral process so there are no computers, no voter intimadation, etc.  Paper Ballots all the way; and for heaven sakes the election should be held on Sunday when people have time to vote and the long lines are totally unnecessary!!

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Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!

-- "for heaven sakes the election should be held on Sunday"

While I agree with you, both weekend days are potentially hazardous as they overlap with various religious restrictions on people's activity. Probably unlikely to ever happen, therefore.

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Sunday for voting is used in other parts of the world with great success.  I don't think many democratic countries exist without citizens of different religions, if any exist after the mass immigrations caused by war and famine.

In the U.S. everything used to closed on Sunday by law!  I remember Sunday being for worship and rest or meditation.

I'm wondering what religious body would not want the voting to take place on Sunday?