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Well. It had to happen. Eventually some lunatic would want to ask me to talk about something and record the conversation. That lunatic is Brandon Easton, writer, teacher and podcaster, and the conversation can be heard at his WRITING FOR ROOKIES website.


It's fun, informative and you get to hear me  EXPOUND over the staticky phone lines about all sorts of randomness. I forgot a name and misused the word undersell. Because that's how AWESOME I am!


Check it out. 


And feel free to mock me. 

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Wow this is great...

Geoffrey, can we add this as podcast to your Author Page? It's really good and interesting. I laughed when you got to the part about paying the artist...thats exactly what I did. I found a great artist. I did pay him, but had to abandon the project due to expensive chemotherapy...

I would like to pick it up again at some point.

Thomas Dotson, Redroom.com

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DO you mean "we" as in ME?

or "we" as in RED ROOM? If the former, I dn't know how. If the latter, absolutely. Add away. 

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I'll do it for of course.


Of course, I mean we as in me. The me being the me writing this message. Me being Thomas in this case.

Thomas Dotson, Redroom.com