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Fixing Mr. Styx
Fixing Mr. Styx

This is fairly simple, I think.  

In honor of Halloween (my favorite holiday), The Winterman Project is offering my new novella, FIXING MR. STYX, for free until Nov. 1st.

This is the 3rd installment in my GRIM ARCANA series but they are designed so that they need not be read in any particular order. In other words: you can begin here if you like with no other requirements. And you can stop here if you don't like it as each of the stories is self-contained.

 I've attached the cover (I hope) and here's the URL for where to grab it.


It will be available on AMAZON (and everywhere else) starting next week for 99cents but that's only because they won't let us give anything away even when we want to. So use this link and get the book for free.

 It's available, incidentally, in every eformat so there's nothing holding you back. Not even the price.

Which is nothing.

 I said that, right?


Happy Holidays.