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Bridges as a blog tour continuation

I am journeying (virtually) on a blog tour this month and while there have been hiccups with one blogger being rushed to hospital when he should have been posting my piece on his blog (I forgive him, honest, and told him to get better quick but punctured lungs take time to heal).
Today a Bridport Prize short lister, Jonathan Pinnock has posted my piece on his wonderful blog at
I'd forgotten it was about the lure of bridges and their role in fiction - using William Gibson's Virtual Light as an example. Last night a man was talked out of committing suicide on Chester's Grosvenor Bridge and I'd asked friends on facebook if they knew about it. That post appears on my status just beneath a link to Jonathan's blog link and it includes a cartoon of that same Grosvenor Bridge - pure chance!
Yes, a cartoon by me that graced the back page of Chester's Climate book many years ago. It's not up to some of your standards as you'll see when you click on JP's link above, but I was never much good at colouring in.